Circles, Lines & Districts

The installation „Circles, Lines & Districts – Verwandte Positionen (related positions)“, has been developed in the dialogue and in cooperation with the members of the family of the artist.
The two key pieces of installation are „Zimmer (room)“, an abstract reconstruction of the children’s bedroom, that her stepfather had built for her and her siblings when she was 7 years old and the work „Gefässe (vessels)“, a sculpture arrangement whose two clay pots, the artist has made together with her mother for this occasion. On the walls Bernauer shows photographs and a painted tent by her step-grandfather, another photographic work by her step-aunt, a gouache of her father and her own drawings.

A booklet with text-fragments, in which the family members are referring to their ‚artistic work‘, provides an insight into the family links.

The result is an intimate and at the same hybrid network around the artistic methods of „Showing“ and „Creativity“. In different variations of cooperation, appropriation and contextualization, Sarah Bernauer takes on the role of the artist and the curator, and uses the form „Exhibition“ itself as an artistic medium.


„Zimmer (room)“, 2011, a cooperation between Lukas and Sarah Bernauer


Installation View, Kunsthaus Baselland


„Tent“, 1953 – 60, by Ludwig Bernauer


„Gefässe (Vessels)“, a cooperation between Elisabeth and Sarah Bernauer