Der Knacks
Video Installation

„Of course all life is a process of breaking down ….“

Der Knacks is the german title of ‚the crack-up’ (1945) a collection of letters and essays by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, in which he’s contemplating the (im)possibility of continue with his life and simultaneously being conscious of the fact, that everything will be useless in the end. The French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze re-analyzed ‚the crack-up’ in his essay ‚Porcelain and Volcano’ (1990), attempting to provide a philosophical solution to the author’s dilemma.

In the video-loop ‚der Knacks‘ a mirrored pair of hands feeling their way through a texture in different paces. This imagery is projected on a circular revolving mirror, that has the key excerpt of ‚Deleuze’s solution‘ helical printed on it.